Our Pastor




Our Pastor

Pastor C. P. Hanson


Pastor C. P. Hanson has had the pleasure of working with people from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds within the melting-pot of Southern California for over twenty-five years.

Our Pastor is an ordained Fundamentalist Baptist preacher, who uncompromisingly holds to the Fundamentals of the Baptist Faith and the authority of Jesus and the Bible.

He enjoys showing people the love of Jesus; while at the same time being direct and honest with them.  Rev. Hanson uses the King James Bible as his basis for preaching and counseling, as opposed to psychology, or other worldly methods.

His educational background includes: Three degrees, including a Masters degree as well as professional certifications.

Pastor Hanson is happily married to his wife Jeanne.  They are raising their daughter Phoebe.

Pastor Hanson looks forward to meeting you, and welcomes you to contact him or visit us soon.